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The photo booth is a fun and trendy animation that will make all your guests smile. Children and adults alike will have fun in front of the lens. Accompanied by accessories (glasses, mustaches, photo frame) our photo booth guarantees fun and offbeat animation and will bring a touch of originality to your events.

Why photomaton24?

DNP printer

Ease of use

18 Megapixel


Touch the screen and the countdown begins, take your 3 photos and presto print your photos!

We personalize your photos by adding a frame with text or your logo.

Our printers are transportable, quick to install with a professional photo finish.

A real SLR camera in our photo booths! You can recover your digital photos on our site by a private link.


practical information

little but strong !

our photo booth is compact

it is 60cm high by 40cm wide, it is a featherweight only 6kg!


Rental formulas

Unlimited impressions

  • Unlimited digital photos

  • UNLIMITED printed photos during the evening

  • Online gallery

  • Custom Text

  • Interactive photo booth

  • Disguises

  • 72 hour rental


* delivery 200.-

* delivery, installation, recovery of the photo booth package of 200.-


Rental form

Creator of Photomaton24

Photographer & Videographer

Ramo ramizovic

2710 Tavannes

phone: 076/535/90/31

Frequently asked Questions

Is the photo booth easy to use?


Yes, the use is done intuitively, we will give you an explanation when taking the photo booth.


Can the photo booth be transported by car?

Yes, our photo booth is designed so that it can be transported in a car and set up very easily.

Where can I pick up the photo booth?

CH-2710 Tavannes, the exact address will be communicated to you when booking.

How long is the rental?

You must return the photo booth 2 days after the event.

If I exceed the number of prints?


You will receive a paper kit to print 220 photos in 5x15 cm (strip format). If you want to print more photos, you can open a new 220-print paper kit which will be billed at CHF 40. If you no longer wish to print photos photos you can continue to take digital photos. It is possible to make another printing format (photo size) this request will be invoiced.

Responsibility ?


Our photo booth is RC and transport . When collecting the photo booth, you must bring your identity card.

Do you need a photo background?

No need, if you want to personalize your event yes. The photo booth is rented without a photo background.

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